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After great research in the West Rand, it was clear that schools are growing at an enormous pace, whereas the classes are over-sized and educational needs are of less importance. Some learners get lost in the classroom resulting in poor educational performance. This means that the smaller private schools need to step up and keep up with new trends and technology in the schooling industry to sustain success and growth within our field.

Duendé Academy is situated in Roodepoort/Krugersdorp on the West Rand of Gauteng. The Academy is an educational center offering an Impak based curriculum (Refer to page 3 of the Parent Info Guide) to all enrolled. The center currently caters for learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

With groups of no more than 10 learners per class from Grade R to Grade 12, our families can rest-assured in the fact that our class environments and teaching are manageable, well-maintained and involved.

We believe firmly that our parents and families play an integral role in their children’s education and as such, our partnerships with our parents are essential.

Choosing an educational center such as our Academy has several advantages, namely:

 Academic: As a parent, you want to provide the best education for your child/children. However, an increasing number of parents are of the opinion that the traditional educational system inhibits a child’s potential. An educational center provides a suitable solution and is also more cost-effective than the alternative, private schools

• Faith and values: Many families are concerned that the education their children receive in the traditional educational system is not based on their own religion and value system. For most families, it is important to educate their children according to their religious principles. Duendé Academy specifically provides for a Christian-based education system.

• Flexibility: Children of families with special needs don’t enjoy the necessary flexibility that they need in a traditional school. Duendé Academy allows you to design your curriculum around your own time and needs and to learn at your own pace.

• Safety: Unfortunately, not all people see schools as safe havens for their children. Violence, drugs, the dangers of peer pressure, bullying and emotional safety of children are often the deciding factors in choosing homeschooling or educational center.

• Teaching: As a parent, you want your child to be taught with a lot of patience and care. Duendé Academy provides qualified and experienced teachers who consider the needs of each individual learner as very important and designs their teaching approach to each specific learner so that each learner develops their full potential in the educational system.




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